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101 Common French Food Terms Pronunciation You Must Know


French Food Pronunciation Guide

Whether you're traveling in Europe, trying some new French recipe you found on the web or just going out to a local French restaurant, food is one of the necessities of life, so here are some key French words related to food. This list was given by my French instructor in one of my culinary arts class and I added some words I encountered in some recipe books along the way.

Since many French sounds have no English equivalent, this list is an approximation. Keep in mind a few rules. Unless otherwise directed, always accent the last syllable. Most of the words I list here are singular, so pronouncing the plural isn’t an issue, but most French plurals end in s, which should be pronounced only if the next word in the sentence starts with a vowel. An s that is followed by a vowel should be pronounced like a z; a double s is pronounced with a hard s sound, as in “hiss.” Here I’ve done my best to describe the sound of French words without using symbols. Keep in mind that when shown alone, vowels are pronounced with their long sound. For example, a is pronounced like the a in “paint”; e is pronounced like the e in “e-mail.” The French on sound is impossible to replicate in English. I’ve written it “ohn (n silent),” meaning you should start to pronounce the English “on” but don’t stop short of touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth to make the final n sound. Letters written as consonants (eg., s, n) are pronounced as though you are saying the word for the letter.

If you want to polish your French pronunciation, this lesson has your name on it!


à /ah
abricotage /ah-bree-koh-tahje
agile /ah-jeel
agneau /ah-nyoh
aigre-doux /a-gr-du
aiguille /a-gwee
ail /eye
aile /el
aillade /eye-ahd
aïoli /eye-oh-lee
algérienne /ahl-jay-ree-en
aligot /al-e-go
aloyau /ah-loh-yo
alsacienne /ahl-zah-see-en
amandes /ah-mahnd
amandine /ah-mahn-dean
améliorée /ah-may-lee-or-ay
américaine /ah-may-ree-ken
amuse /ah-muuz
ananas /ah-nah-nah
anchoïde /ah-nshwahd
ancienne /ah-nsee-en
andalouse /ahn-dah-looze
andouille /ah-ndooya
anglaise /ahn-glez
anguille /ahng-gee (second g hard)
Anna /ah-nah
arachide /ah-rah-sheed
Aragon /ahr-ah-gon (n not pronounced)
archiduc /arsh-ee-duke
argent /ahr-jaunt (t not pronounced)
armoricaine /ahr-moh-ree-ken
aromatique /ahr-oh-mah-teek
artichauts /ahr-tee-show
asperges /ah-spairje
assiette /ah-see-et
attendre /ah-tahndr
attendu /ah-tah-ndo
au /o
aubergine /oh-bear-jeen
Auge /oje
Augustin /oh-guus-tan (don’t pronounce n)
aux /o (ohz if in front of a vowel)
avec /ah-vek
azure /ah-zuur


bagatelle /bah-gah-tell
bagna /bahn-yah
bagration /bah-grah-see-ohn (n not pronounced)
baie /bay
bain-marie /ba-mah-ree (first a as in “ran”)
ballon /bah-lohn (n not pronounced)
balsamique /ball-sah-meek
bar /bahr
bard /bahr
baron /bar-ohn (n not pronounced)
basilic /bah-zee-leek
basquaise /bahss-kez (first s hard; second s is soft like z)
bassin /bah-ssan (n not pronounced)
bâtonnets /bah-toe-nay
bavette /bah-vet
bayonnaise /bah-yoh-nez
Bayonne /bah-yohn
béarnaise /bay-air-nez
béatitude /bay-ah-tee-tude
béchamel /bay-shah-mell
beignet /bay-nyay
Bercy /bair-see
betterave /bet-rahve
beurre /beur
bien /be-yen (n not pronounced)
bifteck /bif-tek
bigarade /be-gahr-ahd
biscuit /bees-kwee
bisque /beesk
blanc /blahnk (k not pronounced, just approached)
blancmange /blahnk-mahnj (k not pronounced)
blanquette /blahn-ket
blette /blet
blettes /blet
bleu /blu (u as in “put”)
blinis /blee-nee
bloc /block
blond /blohng (ng not pronounced)
blonde /blohnd
boeuf /boof (oo sound as in “foot”)
bonne /bohn
Bordaberry /bohr-dah-bair-e
Bordaloue /boar-dah-loo
bordelaise /bohr-duh-lez
bouche /boush
boudin /boo-da (a as in “Dan”)
bouillabaisse /booya-bess
bouillie /boo-e-yee
bouillon /booy-on (don’t pronounce the last n, move your mouth toward it)
bourgoule /boor-gool
bourguignonne /boor-gee-nyohn (hard g)
bourride /boor-eed
bouzigue /boo-zeeg (hard g)
braise /brez
braisé[e] /bre-zay
braiser /bray-zay
brandade /brah-ndahd
Bresse /bress
bretonne /bru-tohn (u as in “put”)
bretons /bru-ton (u pronounced like oo in “foot”; don’t pronounce the n, move your mouth toward it)
bretzel /(pronounced like “pretzel”)
Brillat-Savarin /bree-yah-saw-ver-an (last n not pronounced)
brioche /bree-ohsh (o pronounced like “oh”)
brioché /bree-oh-shay
brouillés /broo-e-yay
brûlée /brew-lay
brun /bra (a pronounced like ua in “quack”)
brunoise /broo-nwahz
bûcheron /boo-sher-on (last n not pronounced)


ça /saw
cabillaud /kah-b-yoh
Caen /kahn (n not pronounced)
caennaise /kah-nez
cameline /kah-muh-lean (u as in put)
campagne /kahn-pah-nyuh
canaille /kah-neye
canaleur /kah-nah-lir (lir as in “sir”)
canard /kah-nahr
caneton /kah-nton (n not pronounced)
canut /kah-new
caouda /kah-ooda
caramel /cah-rah-mel
carbonnade /kahr-bow-nod
carottes /kar-oat (ar pronounced like letter r)
carré /kah-ray
cassole /kah-ssol
cassolette /kah-soh-let
cassoulet /kah-soo-lay
caudière /koh-d’yair
céleri-branch /say-lu-ree-brahnsh (u pronounced as in “put”; last n not pronounced)
céleri-rave /say-lur-ree-rahv
célestine /say-les-teen
cendre /sah-ndrah
Cendrillon /sah-ndree-ohn (last n not pronounced)
cent /sawn (n not pronounced)
central /sahn-trahl (n not pronounced)
cèpes /sep
cerises /suh-reez
certain age /sair-ten-ahj
cervelas /sair/vel-ah
cervelle /sair-vell
chaînette /shen-ett
champignons /shah-npee-yong (g not pronounced)
Chandeleur /shan-d’lur
Chantilly /shah-ntee-yee
chapelure /shah-pluur
charcutier /shar-cuu-tyay
Charentes /shar-ahnt
charlotte /shar-loat
charolais /shar-o-lay
charolaise /shar-o-lez
chartreuse /shar-truz (u as in “put”)
chasseur /shaw-sir
chaud-froid /show-fwah
chaudrée /show-dray
chèvre /shevr
chez /shay
chichi /she-she
chiffonnade /shee-foh-nahd
chinoise /sheen-wahs
chocolat /shoh-koh-lah
Choron /show-rohn (n not pronounced)
chou /shoe
choucroute /shoe-kroot
choufleur /shoe-flur
choux /shoo
ciboulette /see-boo-let
citron /see-tron (n not pronounced)
civet /see-vay
clafoutis /klah-foo-tee
claire /clair
classique /klah-seek
clémentine /clay-mahn-teen
cocotte /koh-kott
coeurs /kuhr
coing /kwan (n not pronounced)
comme /kohm
composé /koh-mpoh-zay
concassé /koh-nkah-say
concassée /kohn-kah-say
concombres /kohn-kohn-bruh
confit /koh-nfee
confiture /koh-nfee-teewr
congre /kohngr
conserve /koh-nsairv
consommé /koh-nso-may
contre-filet /koh-ntra-fee-lay
coq /coke
coquetier /koh-k’tyay
coquilles /ko-key
corail /kor-eye
corniotte /kor-nee-yoat
côte /koht
côtelette /koat-let
côtes /koht
cotignac /koh-tee-nyahk
cotriade /koh-tree-ahd
coulis /koo-lee
coupés /kou-pay
courge /koorj
courgette /koor-jet
court-bouillon /koor-booy-on (don’t pronounce the last n, move your mouth toward it)
cousinat /coo-zee-nah
crabe /kwrab
crème /kwrem
crèmé /kwrem-a
crêpes /kwrep
cressonière /kre-soh-nyair
creuses /kruz (u as in “put”)
crevette /kruh-vet
crevettes /kruh-vet
croque /kwroak
crôute /kroot
crôuton /kroo-tohn (n not pronounced)
cru /kwrew
crudité /kwrew-dee-tay
cuiller /kwee-yair
cuillière /kwee-yair
cuisinier /kwee-z-nyay
cuisses /kwees (hard s)
cuisson /kwee-sohn (n not pronounced)
cuit /kwee
cul /kewe
culinaire /coo-lee-nair
cultivateu /kul-tee-vah-tir (ir as in “sir”)
curry /kuu-ree


d’hôtel /doh-tel
dacquoise /dahk-wahz
Danicheff /dah-nee-shef
dariole /dah-ree-ol
darne /dahrn
daube /dohb
daubière /doh-be-yair
dauphine /doh-feen
dauphinois /doh-feen-wah
daurade /doh-rod
de /du (u barely pronounced; pronounced as in “put”)
demi-deuil /d’me-doiya (oi sound between o and “oink”)
demi-glace /duh-mee-glahss
désossé /day-zoh-say
Diane /dee-ahn
dieppoise /dee-ep-wahz
digestif /dee-jes-teef
dijonnaise /dee-joh-nez
doit /dwah
doré /door-ay
du /dew
duchesse /du-shess
dugléré /duu-glay-ray
duxelles /doox-el


échalote /ay-shah-lot
Echiré /a-sheer-ay
écorce /a-korss
écrevisse /ay-kruh-veess
en /on (o sound similar to “on”, but n not pronounced)
entier /on-tee-yay (n not pronounced)
entrecôte /on-tra-coat (n not pronounced)
entrée /on-tray (n not pronounced)
épaule /a-pole
épices /a-peese (hard s)
épinard /a-pee-nahr
épinards /a-pee-nahr
escabeche /s-kah-besh
escalope /s-kah-lop
escargot /s-car-go
Escoffier /s-koh-fee-yay
Espagne /s-pah-nya
espagnole /s-pah-nyole
espelette /s-pu-let (u as in “put”)
estragon /s-tra-gohn (n not pronounced)
et /a
étouffer /a-two-fay
étuvage /a-two-vahj
étuvé /a-two-vay
étuver /a-two-vay
évasé /a-vaw-zay


facile /fah-seel
faire /fair
fallue /fal-oo
far /fahr
farci /fahr-see
farine /fah-reen
favorite /fah-voh-reet
femme /fahm
fenouil /fen-ooye (last e barely pronounced)
fermier /fair-mee-yay
fête /fett
feuilletée /foi-e-tay (oi pronounced as in “oink”)
fèves /fev
ficelle /fee-sel
figue /feeg (hard g)
filets /fee-lay
financier /fee-nah-nsee-ay
fines /feen
flageolets /flahj-oh-lay
flan /flahn (n not pronounced)
flétan /flay-tahn (n not pronounced)
fleur /flir (ir as in “sir”)
flimiche /flee-meesh
flottante /flow-taunt (“aunt” with broad a)
flottantes /flow-tahnt
foies /fwah
fonçage /foh-nsahje
fonds /fohn (n not pronounced)
fondue /phone-due
fou /foo
fougasse /fou-gahss (hard s)
four /foor
frâiche /freysh
frais /fray
fraisage /fray-zahj
fraise /frez
fraiser /frez-a
framboises /frah-mbwaz
française /frahn-sez
françois /frah-nswa
fricandeau /free-kahn-doh
fricassée /free-cah-say
frisée /free-zay
frit /free
froid /fwrahd
fromage /fro-mahje
fruits /fwree
fumet /foo-may


gâche /gawsh
galettes /gah-let
ganache /ga-nahsh
garage /gah-rahje
garbure /gahr-buur
garenne /gahr-n
garnie /gar-knee
garniture /gar-knee-tur
gastrique /gahs-twreek
gastronomique /gahs-troh-noh-meek
gâteau /gah-toe
gâteaux /gah-toe
gelée /jel-ay
genevoise /je-nuh-vwahz
Georges /jorje
georgette /jorj-ett
germiny /jur-meeny (u as in “put”)
gibelotte /gee-b’loat
gigot /gee-go (first g soft)
gingembre /jan-jahn-bruh
girelle /jee-rel
glaçage /glahce-ahje
glace /glahss
glacé /glah-say
godiveau /go-dee-voh
gorge /gorj
gougères /goo-jerr
gourmandise /gour-mah-ndeez
gousse /goose
grand /gwrahn (n not pronounced)
grande /grah-nd
gras /gwrah
gratin /grah-ta (last a pronounced as in “and”)
gratinée /grah-tee-nay
gravette /grah-vet
grecque /grek
grenobloise /gruh-no-blwahz (u as in “put”)
gribiche /gree-beesh
grillé /gree-ya (a pronounced as in “paint”)
grondin /grow-ndan (last n not pronounced)
gros /groh
groseilles /grow-zay
guérande /gay-rahnd (last n not pronounced)
gueules /gull
guide /geed (hard g)
gwen aman /gwe-nahmahn


hachis /ah-shee
hallé /ah-lay
haricots /ah-ree-koh
haute /oat
herbe /airb
heures /urr (like “purr”)
hochepot /ohsh-poe
hollandaise/ oh-lah-ndezs
homard /o-mahr
huile /wheel
huîtres /wee-tra (a barely pronounced)
hure /oor


île /eel
îles /eel
impératrice /an-pay-rah-treece (first a pronounced as in “ran”)
impériale /an-pay-ree-all (n not pronounced; first a as in ran)
improvisé /an-pro-vee-zay (don’t pronounce the n)
indienne /a-ndee-n (a pronounced as in “ran”)
inmangeable /an-mah-njable (first a pronounced as in “ran”)
Irma /ear-mah
Isigny /e-z-nyee
italienne /e-tal-yen


jamais /jah-may
jambon /jah-mbohn (n not pronounced)
jamboneaux /jah-mboh-no
japonaise /jah-poh-nez
jarret /jahr-ay
Jean /john (n not pronounced)
julienne /joul-e-n
jus /joo


kirsch /keersh
kugelhopf /kooglof


la /lah
Laguiole /lah-yol
laiteuse /let-uz (u as in put)
landaise /lah-ndez
Landes /lahnd
langoustine /lah-ngoo-steen
lapereau /lah-proh
Laperouse /lah-pair-rooz
lapin /lah-pan (n not pronounced)
lard /lahr
lardoir /lahr-dwah
lardon /lahr-dohn (n not pronounced)
lavandade /lah-vah-ndahd
le /luh
lèchefrite /lesh-freet
légume /lay-goom (hard g)
les /lay (when followed by a consonant), layz (when followed by a vowel)
les Halles /lay-all
leur /ler (er pronounced as in “her”)
lié /lee-a
lièvre /lee-evr (last e as in “edge”)
limonadier /lee-moh-nahd-ee-a
limousin /lee-mou-zan (a as in “ran”)
limousine /lee-mou-zeen
linzer /lean-zer (second e as in “her”)
lorraine /lore-n
lotte /lot
loup /loo
luxe /loox
lyonnaise /lee-oh-nez


macaron /mah-kah-rohn (n not pronounced)
macaroni /mah-kah-row-knee
macédoine /mah-say-dwan (last a as in “ran”)
madeleines /mahd-len (mahd as in “modern”)
madère /mah-dair
magret /mah-gray
maigre /meggr (egg pronounced like “egg”)
mais /may
maïs /mah-eess
maître /metr (e as in “edge”)
maïze /mah-eez
maladie /mah-lah-dee
maltaise /mahl-tez
mandarin /mahn-dah-ran (n not pronounced)
manié /mah-nyay
maquereaux /mah-kroh
marc /mahr
marchand /mar-shahn (n not pronounced)
marché /mahr-shay
marennes /mah-ren
mareyeur /mahr-e-yir (as in “sir”)
Marguéry /marg-air-ee (g hard)
marinés /mah-ree-nay
marinière /mah-ree-nyair
marjolaine /mar-jo-len
marmelade /mahr-muh-lahd (u as in “put”)
marmite /mahr-meet
marnier /mahr-nyay
marron /mah-rohn (n not pronounced)
marseillaise /mahr-say-yez (e as in edge)
massif /mah-seef
matelote /mah-tloat
matignon /mah-tee-nyon (last n not pronounced)
mayonnaise /mah-o-nayz
médaillon /may-dah-yohn (last n not pronounced)
meilleur /may-yuhr
méjanel /may-jaw-nell
ménagère /may-nah-jair
mer /mair
Mercédès /mair-say-dees
mère /mair
meringue /mair-ang (ang as in “anger”)
meringué /mair-ang-gay
merlan /mair-lahn (n not pronounced)
merveilles /mair-vay
mesclun /mu-sclan (u as in “put”; a as in “ran”; n not pronounced)
meunière /muh-nyair (u as in “put”)
meurette /mur-ett (u as in “murder”)
mie /me
mignon /me-nyon (last n not pronounced)
mignonnette /me-nyoh-net
mijoter /me-jo-tay
milanaise /me-lah-nez
milhas /me-lah
minceur /ma-nsir (a as in “ran”)
mirabelle /meer-ah-bell
mirepoix /meer-pwah
mirliton /meer-lee-tohn (n not pronounced)
miroton /mee-roh-tohn (n silent)
mise en place /meez-on-plahss (n not pronounced)
mode /mode
moelleux /mwall-u (u as in “put”)
monde /mohnd
monsieurs /muh-ssyuh
monter /moh-ntay
montpelier /moh-npel-e-a
morilles /mor-e
Mornay /mor-nay
mortier /mor-tee-yay
morue /mor-oo
morvandelle /more-vahn-del
moscovite /moe-sko-veet
mouclade /moo-clod
mougins /moo-jan (a as in “ran”; n not pronounced)
moule /mool
moulin /moo-lan (a as in “ran”; n not pronounced)
mourtayrol /moor-tah-rol
mousse /mousse
mousseline /moos’l-een
moutarde /moo-tard
mouton /mou-tohn (n silent)


n’importe quoi /nan-pohr-tuh-kwah (a as in “ran”)
nage /nahje
nantais /nah-ntayz
nantua /nahn-twah
navarin /nah-vah-ran (last n not pronounced)
navet /nah-vay
navette /nah-vet
neige /nej (e sound as in “edge”; j soft)
niçoise /nee-swahz
ninon /knee-nohn (last n not pronounced)
noël /no-el
noir /nwar
noisettes /nwah-zet
noix /nwah
normande /nor-mahnd
norvégienne /nohr-vay-jee-en
nougatine /new-ga-teen
nouille /noo-ya
nouvelle /new-vel
nuage /new-ahje


oeuf /u (like the u in “put”)
oignon /u-nyon (u as in “put”; last n not pronounced)
oignons /oi-nyon (n silent)
olive /oh-leave
omelette /ohm-let
onglet /ohn-glay (n not pronounced)
opéra /oh-pay-rah
orange /oh-rahnje (n not pronounced)
orangerie /oh/rah-njair-e
ordinaire /or-dee-nair
oseille /oh-zay
ou /oo (as in “roof ”)
oursin /oor-san (a as in “ran”)
oursinade /oor-see-nahd


pain /pa (a as in “ran”)
palmier /pahl-me-a
paloise /pawl-wahz
pamplemousse /pahm-pl-mousse
panaché /pah-nah-shay
panade /pah-nod
panais /pah-nay
paner /pah-nay
panier /pah-n’yay
panisse /pah-niece
panne /pahn
pantin /pah-nta (last a as in “tan”)
papillote /pah-pee-yote
paprika /pah-pree-kah
Pâques /pahk
parfait /pahr-fay
parisienne /pah-ree-zee-en
parmentier /pahr-mah-ntee-yay
pastis /pahss-teesse
pâte /paht
pâté /pah-tay
pâtissière /pah-tee-see-air
paysanne /pay-ee-zahn
peau /poh
pithiviers /pee-tee-vee-yay (with the a pronounced as in “paint”)
pépin /pay-pan (n not pronounced)
perce-pierre /pairss-pee-air
Périgord /pay-ree-gore
périgoourdine /pay-ree-goor-deen
Pernod /pair-noh
pérougienne /pay-rouge-e-n
persillade /pair-see-yahd
persil /pair-see
persillé /pair-see-yay
petit /pu-tee (u as in “put”)
petite /pu-teet
pétoncle /pay-tohnk-lu (u as in “put”)
picquer /pee-kay
pièce /pee-yes
pigeon /pee-jo (o sound between “Joe” and “John”)
pignola /pee-nyo-lah
pignon /pee-nyon (n not pronounced)
pincer /pan-say (n not pronounced)
pipérade /pee-pay-rod
pissala /pee-ssah-lah
pissaladière /pee-ssah-lah-dyair
pistaches /pee-stahsh
pistou /pee-stew
plant /plahn (n not pronounced)
plat /plah
plate /plaht
plus /plu (meaning “none” or “no more”), plouss (meaning “in addition to”)
poêlage /pwahl-ahj
poêle /pwall
poilane /pwah-lahn
point /pwa (a as in “ran”)
poireaux /pwah-roh
poires /pwar
pois /pwah
poisson /pwah-sohn (n not pronounced)
poitrine /pwah-twreen
poivrade /pwah-vrahd
poivre /pwah-vr
pommade /poe-mahd
pommes /pohm
porc /por
porto /por-toe
portugaise /por-to-gez (hard g; e as in “edge”)
pot /poh
pot-au-feu /poh-toe-fu (u as in “put”)
potage /poh-tahje
potée /poe-tay
pots /poh
poudre /poo-dr
poularde /poo-lahrd
poule /pool
poulet /poo-lay
poulette /pool-ett
poulpe /poolp
pounti /poo-ntee
pour /poor (oo as in “pool”)
presse /pwress
printanier /pra-ntah-nyay (first n not pronounced)
propriétaire /pro-pree-a-tair
provençal /pro-vah-nsahl
pruneau /pru-no
pruneaux /pru-no
purée /puu-ray


quarante /kahr-aunt (“aunt” with a broad a)
quatre /catr
quatre-quarts /cat-cahr
quenelle /ku-nell (u as in “put,” barely pronounced)
quetsche /kwetsh
queue /ku (u as in “put”)
quiche /keesh (sh as in “she”)


râble /rah-bl
racler /rah-klay
raclette /rah-klet
ragoût /rah-goo
raie /ray
raisiné /ray-zee-nay
raïto /rah-e-toe
ramequin /ram-kan (n not pronounced)
râpé /rah-pay
râpées /rah-pay
rascasse /rahs-kahss
ratafia /rah-tah-fee-ah
ratatouille /rah-tah-too-yuh
ratte /raht
régionaux /ray-jee-oh-noh
reine /ren (en as in “yen”)
rémoulade /ray-moo-lahd (u as in “put”)
renversée /rah-nver-say
reste /wrest
Ricard /ree-kahr
rigodon /ree-go-dohn (n not pronounced)
rillettes /ree-yet
ris /ree
riz /ree
Rochebonne /rosh-bon
rognon /roh-nyohn (last n not pronounced)
rondeau /row-ndoe
roquefort /rok-for
rosette /rose-ett
Rossini /row-see-knee
rôti /roh-tee
rouge /rouge
rouget /roo-jay
rouille /roo-ya (last a barely pronounced)
rousse /rooss
royale /ro-yahl
romsteck /room-stek


sa /saw
sable /sah-bl
sablé /saw-blay
sablés /saw-blay
safran /sah-fron (n not pronounced)
saignant /sen-yahn (last n not pronounced)
saindoux /san-do (a as in “ran”; n not pronounced)
saint /san (n not pronounced; a as in “ran”)
Saint-Ange /san-tahnj (first a as in “ran”)
Saint-Jacques /san-jawk (first a pronounced as in “ran”; n silent)
Sainte-Ménehould /sant-may-new
Saint-Pierre /sa-pee-air (first a as in “ran”)
salade /sa-lahd
salmis /sal-me
salon /sah-lohn (n not pronounced)
salpicon /sahl-pee-kohn (n not pronounced)
sandre /sah-ndr
sang /sahn (n not pronounced)
sans /sawn (n not pronounced)
sarladaise /sahr-lah-dez
sarrasin /sah-rah-zan (a as in “ran”; n not pronounced)
sauce /sohss
saucisse /so-cease
saucisson /sew-see-sohn (n not pronounced)
saumon /so-mohn (n not pronounced)
saupiquet /so-pee-k
sauté /soh-tay
savarin /saw-ver-a (a pronounced as in “and”)
savoyarde /sah-vwah-yahrd
Schifeta /she-fah-lah
sec /sek
sèche /sesh
sèches /sesh
sel /sell
selle /sell
sep t/set
sètoise /set-wahz
simple /sa-mple (a as in “ran”)
singer /san-jay (n not pronounced)
socca /so-kah
sole /sole
soubise /sue-beez
soufflé /soo-flay
soupe /soup
sous /soo
sous vide /soo vid
spéciale /spay-see-all
suavitè /swah-vee-tay
succès /sook-say
sucre /sookr
sucré /soo-kray
suédoise /suede-wahz
suissesse /swee-ssess
suprême /sue-prem
sur /soo
surprise /sur-preeze (u pronounced like the letter u)
suzette /soo-zett


table /tah-bl
Taillevent /tie-vahn (n not pronounced)
tapénade /tah-pay-nahd
tarte /tart
Tatin /tah-tan (n not pronounced)
tendron /tahn-drohn (n not pronounced)
terre /tair
terrine /tu-reen (u as in “put”)
terrinée /tuh-ree-nay
terroir /tair-wahr
thé /tay
thon /tohn (n silent)
tian /tee-ahn (n silent)
tomate /toe-maht
tome /tome
torchon /tor-shohn (n not pronounced)
tour /toor
tourangelle /toor-ahn-jel
tournedo /toor-nuh-doh
tourte /toort
tourteaux /tour-toh
tripes /twreep
tronçon /trohn-sohn (neither n pronounced)
truffes /twroof
truite /twreet
ttoro /toro


un /an (n not pronounced)

vallée /vahl-a

Now that you know how to pronounce the most common French food terms. It's time to try a basic French recipe. Béarnaise is the epitome of French sauces and just one of the many reasons to love classic French cuisine paired with fresh wild Alaskan salmon. Get it at... Delicious and Easy Wild Alaskan Salmon Recipe.

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