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This is a community blog. All content is based on respective author’s opinion and experience. This means that posts are not factual, but rather subjective to their own views, tastes and background. Though one should keep this subjectivity in mind, we hope that posts will be informative and interesting for readers and perhaps, lead you to form your own opinions and preferences.

Almost all of the time, the authors do NOT receive any special compensation or financial incentive for this blog and will be certain to clearly state the existence of such if the need arises. Furthermore, the authors do not maliciously intend to disparage or overtly promote any restaurant, but rather give honest, unfiltered opinions. If you agree with what stated, then that’s great, we’ve managed to inadvertently express your opinions through our posting. If you do not, then perhaps it’s best for us both to remember two hackneyed yet true sayings:

1) Different strokes for different folks
2) Let’s agree to disagree

We love receiving feedback about your experiences, suggestions and ideas. Though it is inevitable that personal attacks or differences may arise, we hope that this disclaimer will serve as a reminder that while constructive criticism is welcomed, we want to make this a fun space for everyone, so nasty rants will not be tolerated.

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