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4 Best Molecular Mixology Kit to Make Cocktails that Will IMPRESS a Girl


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What is a Molecular Mixology Kit?

Have you ever thought about creating Bloody Mary’s that look like tomatoes? Make spherified sake bombs instead.  Try molecular mixology and impress your friends or delight a special date. It is so lit. 😉

Molecular mixology kit is a collection of tools needed to apply modernist cuisine techniques to mixing cocktail drinks. The techniques include spherification, gelification, emulsification and suspension.

Molecular mixology kit bring your bartending creativity to the next level and shook anyone with spectacular cocktail such as tasty caviar beads that burst in the mouth or encapsulate cocktails into bubbles that burst in your mouth.

Molecular mixology equipment ranges from simple blowtorches to sous vide machines, immersion blender, rotary evaporators, vacuum chambers, cotton candy makers, liquid nitrogen, dehydrators and ISI Whips.

These are the 4 best molecular mixology kits reviews:

4) Rose Copper Cocktail Shaker Set Bartender Kit by BARILLIO
WITH 24 oz Stainless Steel Martini Mixer, Muddler, Mixing Spoon, jigger, 2 liquor pourers, Velvet Bag Recipes Booklet and eBook

This is not a molecular mixology cocktail kit but if you do not have a bartender kit, you should consider having one.

This is a great brand.

Rose Copper Cocktail Shaker Set Bartender Kit

BARILLIO complete bartender kit is a top-grade bar tools you need for effortlessly mixing delicious cocktails and mocktails without any mess.

Whether you are an amateur or experienced mixologist, this cocktail set is perfect for you.

TOP RUSTPROOF STAINLESS STEEL: This bartender kit copper finished product undergoes rigorous inspection in the USA.

Barillio Martini Shaker features a high-grade inner, which does not leech harmful chemicals nor affect your beverages’ flavors. Unlike similar cheap products that rust easily.

This rose gold cocktail set is made of the highest quality stainless steel grade SS304 and SS430.

By hand washing this with warm, soapy water - and the stunning electro rose finish will last for years to come.

3) Molecular Mixology Introductory Kit with Ingredients, Tools and Recipe Booklet

All-in-one kit and cocktail recipes. You can really mix cocktails to impress a girl.

Enjoy a molecular refreshing mojito bubbles, martini bites, Bloody Mary or gin & tonic. Imagine suspensions of coffee liqueur frappe, airs of margarita or Electric jello shot. Recreate the cocktails of the coolest clubs in the city.


Learn how to effortlessly turn many classic cocktails into a modernist cocktail drinks with sugar foam, caviar bubbles, or by transforming your favorite drink into bubbles.

Deconstruct your favorite cocktails. Learn spherification, gelification, emulsification and suspension. Making modernist cocktail drinks is really a lot simpler than you would have expected.

The beginner molecular mixology kit included a booklet and DVD full with information and easy recipes to help you have emulsifying and spherifying liquids in half the time.

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2) Molecular Mojito Kit with complimentary Culinary Syringe

There are cheaper ways to get Mojitos if you are stingy, but the fun you get from this molecular mojito kit makes it perfect for a date-night.

I would recommend as a way to say, “I'd like to spend some time with you, TBH”.

Deconstructed Mojito

Buy this molecular mojito kit. Learn how to make mojito bubbles. Encapsulate your mojito into a large sphere that will burst in your mouth. Get some savory mojito foam with your steak that will have everyone in awe.

The molecular mixology technique used for this cocktail recipe was spherification, which is preferred to create small balls or caviar.

Read the directions before you start. You will need distilled water (no calcium or chlorine in the water).

High quality tools, easy to follow recipe directions, and clearly labeled ingredients. Everything you need to get your reverse spherification cocktails after dinner.

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1) Gin and Tonic Molecular Mixology Kit with Culinary Syringe included without charge

This cocktail kit is amazing. A great product, super fun and easy to use.

The technique used for this molecular mixology cocktail is gelification to create the pearls.

Ready to burst gin & tonic bubbles

This is a beginner all-in-one kit. The mixology kit has clear recipe book instructions and many online tutorial videos to help you make the best cocktail drinks at home.

Learn how to easily use molecular mixology tools and concoct a classic gin and tonic (or virgin) cocktail into a modernist cocktail with suspended pearls of tonic, sugar foam, caviar bubbles, or by totally turning it into a gin and tonic bubble.

There is even a bark of cinchona included in the kit to make your own high-quality tonic water.

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