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How to Store Green Beans? - Best Way to Store Vegetables in Fridge


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Green Beans (commonly Phaseolus vulgaris sp.), also called snap beans, don’t strictly have to be green in color—the “green” in their name refers to the fact that they are immature, unripe, and fresh beans. They are distinguished from the many differing varieties of beans in that green beans are harvested and consumed with their enclosing pods, usually before the seeds inside have fully matured.

Green Beans are identified by many common names, including string beans, snap beans, French beans, and snaps.

The whole bean (seeds and pods) can be eaten. Green Beans can actually be yellow, purple, speckled, or striped. 

How long can fresh green beans stay in refrigerator? Green Beans Will Remain Fresh for Up to 1 Week When Properly Stored

Best Way to Store Green Beans in the Fridge

Do fresh green beans need to be refrigerated? YES! Green Beans will become limp, wilted and lose their freshness if not stored properly. If you are not going to prepare them the day you bring them home from the market, store them correctly so as to maintain their flavor and their nutrients. Eat as soon as possible because green beans lose moisture and sweetness quickly after being picked.

Green Beans continue to respire even after they have been harvested; their respiration rate at room temperature (68°F/20°C) is 130 mg/kg/hr. Slowing the respiration rate with appropriate storage method is the key to extending their flavor and nutritional benefits. 

1) Store fresh green beans in the refrigerator. The colder temperature will slow the respiration rate, assisting to preserve their nutrients and keeping Green Beans fresh for a longer period of time.

2) Do not wash Green Beans before refrigeration because exposure to water will promote Green Beans to spoil.

3)Best way to store vegetables in fridge”. Place Green Beans in a plastic reusable freshness green storage bag before refrigerating. Based on our experiments, it is best to wrap the bag tightly around the Green Beans, squeezing out as much of the air from the bag as possible.

4) How to store vegetables in fridge without plastic? You can also try this alternative method. Refrigerate green beans in a paper bag inside an open plastic bag for up to 7 days. 

Can you freeze cooked fresh green beans?

How to keep vegetables fresh longer in refrigerator? Properly stored, cooked green beans will last for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator. To further extend the shelf life of cooked green beans, freeze it. Freeze in covered airtight containers or heavy-duty freezer bags, or wrap tightly with heavy-duty aluminum foil or freezer wrap.

How do I store blanched green beans?

Store in a zip-top plastic bag in refrigerator up to 2 days.

How long do you blanch French green beans?

Blanch the string beans in a large pot of boiling salted water for just 4 minutes. Drain immediately and submerge in a large bowl of ice water to stop the cooking. When they are cool, drain and set aside.

Are green beans still good if they have brown spots?

A few brown spots scattered here and there on a bunch of green beans mean they're getting a little aged, and won't be the freshest beans you'll eat. But it doesn't mean you can't—or shouldn't eat them. Not that they'll taste off otherwise, it's just that you're not going to have a perfect bean experience.

How to Buy Green Beans?

The best way to select green beans. It is best when Green Beans are sold loose, so you can sort through them and select the best quality beans. The best tasting beans feel smooth; have a vibrant green color and firm

How to Buy Green Beans Picture

Green beans should have some snap when bent in half and should not be wilted, shriveled or rubbery. Long beans and haricots verts are more tender and therefore more flexible, but should still be crisp. Avoid dark spots, dry divots, and other blemishes.

Select beans of similar size to ensure uniform cooking. By selecting the best tasting green beans, you will also be getting beans with the highest nutritional content. Like all vegetables, it is best to select organically grown green beans whenever possible. 

Avoid Green Beans that have brown spots or areas that are soft, bruised, wrinkled or have tough skin. Beans that are beginning to turn yellow are no longer fresh except for YELLOW WAX BEANS.

What are the Varieties of Green Beans?

Unknown varieties you should try:

1) YELLOW WAX BEANS. Crisp, crunchy, and meaty; mild, classic fresh bean flavor.

Yellow Wax Beans Picture- Grean Beans

2) SCARLET RUNNER BEANS (Phaseolus coccineus sp.). They have broad, flat, green pods that contain scarlet seeds.

Scarlet Runner Beans - Grean Beans

3) ROMANO BEANS. Also known as Italian Green Beans or Flat Green Beans, they have broad, flat, bright green pods. Pods are edible and crunchy when raw and tender when cooked. They are most commonly found frozen.

Romano Beans - Green Beans

4) HARICOT VERTS or French green beans. These are a slender French version of the American Snap Bean. Very skinny and available in yellow and purple as well as green; sweet flavor and delicate texture. 

Haricot Verts - Green Beans

5) CHINESE LONG BEANS. Also known as Yard-Long or Asparagus Beans, these thin Green Beans can measure up to 18 inches in length. It is popular in Asian cuisines. They have a mild flavor and are a good choice for stir-fry dishes.

Chinese Long Beans - Green Beans

6) SNAP BEANS. It is also called String Beans. This is the most popular variety of Green Beans. Their name was derived from the sound that occurs when the ends are snapped off to remove the tough string that runs along the seam of older varieties of Snap Beans. Most of the Snap Beans you find in the market today no longer have strings (now bred to be stringless). The traditional green bean can also be purple and purple-streaked; round, slender pod.

Snap Beans Picture - Green Beans

7) Kentucky Blue

8) Derby

9) Purple Teepee (purple pods)

10) Kentucky Wonder

11) Algarve

12) Blue Lake

13) Blue Lake 274

14) Improved Commodore / Bush Kentucky Wonder

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